Supported Projects


Moonsong Labs is working on StorageHub, a decentralized storage parachain optimized for file based storage and larger data sets.
Ditavia is focusing on evaluating Polkadot ecosystem funding opportunities.
Ideal Labs are developing a Polkadot SDK-based blockchain with a novel consensus for timelock encryption.
Ocelloids is a decentralized network for real-time on-chain data processing and delivery.
Paraverse is developing Signet, a financial workflow management software on blockchain for enterprises.
Pendzl is a smart contract library for ^ink5.0.0.


Distractive is a provider of key marketing services for Polkadot in 2024 alongside other grantees.
Decentered Studio specializes in the production and execution of flagship community events for blockchains (e.g. sub0 and Polkadot Decoded).
Decentralized Social Media is an initiative to manage Polkadot-related social media accounts in a decentralized fashion, allowing for community contributions.

Business Development

Blockdeep Labs UG is migrating the popular Mythical Games project to Polkadot for decentralization and scalability.
Polimec enables fundraising in a decentralized, transparent, and regulatory compliant manner, aligning stakeholder incentives during and beyond the fundraise.


Polkadot Governance Decentralized Project Management
Accelerate Polkadot provides comprehensive, practical guides to help developers build applications on the Polkadot blockchain through a hands-on, code-first approach.