Decentralized Futures Program Badge
Usage Guidelines

Please ensure proper use of the badge by following these guidelines.

Once a project's first milestone that has been funded through the Decentralized Futures Program has been accepted, we encourage teams to acknowledge their participation publicly while adhering to the program’s guidelines.

To facilitate this, we've created a badge specifically for Decentralized Futures Program recipients. It is available for download in multiple formats here.

DF badge

Before using the badge, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Use of the Decentralized Futures Program badge is reserved for projects awarded through the program.
  • DF funding is given for specific projects, not as a blanket endorsement of a team. This has to be made clear to the viewer of your materials (website/announcements/repos/product/etc.).
  • The Decentralized Futures Program doesn't broker partnerships or joint ventures or endorse any external team's work in its entirety. Therefore, the badge should only be used in project-specific contexts.

Please do display the badge:

  • in a GitHub repository containing code connected to the DF project.
  • on a project-specific webpage specifically concerning the deliverables completed as part of the DF project, or
  • in a tweet or blog post announcing your DF agreement within a project-specific context.

Please don’t:

  • display the badge on your team or project's landing page,
  • use the badge before its official announcement on the Supported Projects section of the DF webpage,
  • use the badge before your first milestone has been accepted.
  • add it to any personal or team social media profiles,
  • use the word “partner” with either the Decentralized Futures Program nor Web3 Foundation, nor
  • use it in any other context that could misrepresent your relationship with the Decentralized Futures Program.

Important Reminder: Avoid using the name or logo of the Decentralized Futures Program in a way that could misrepresent your relationship with the program. Furthermore, under no circumstances should you use the blank Web3 Foundation logo in any of your materials without the permission of the Web3 Foundation, and refrain from any wording that could lead to the misinterpretation that the Web3 Foundation is partnering with your team or project. Violating these guidelines may lead to immediate termination of your DF agreement.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at